Yoga at The Health Collab, Spring Hill.

Not your everyday yoga.

Yoga at The Health Collab is a little different to your traditional studio. You’ll experience a new approach, where the focus is educating you on your breath, body, and physiology. 

You’ll learn techniques and movements to help you on, and off, the yoga mat. We offer a movement practice, with body and breath awareness while delivering relevant anatomy and physiology snippets of information - so you can best understand why your body moves the way it does and control how you move. 

While our approach to yoga is more focused on science and education, we fully embrace exploring different styles of yoga but believe it is important to remember first principles - do no harm. Classes at the Health Collab will help you with the foundations to safely participate in any yoga style you like. 

Other Services
Dry Needling
Injury assessment and rehab
Massage Therapy
Sports Physiotherapy
Strength Training

Brisbane’s best qualified, fully trained yoga instructor. 

The reality is most yoga teachers simply don’t get adequate training in these areas.  

Luckily for you, The Health Collab’s director, Tom Barton, has facilitated many years of yoga teacher training in Brisbane focusing on anatomy, biomechanics and physiology. 

Tom offers one-on-one yoga sessions to help you troubleshoot painful or problematic poses or sequences.  

We also offer group yoga classes at our Spring Hill studio, which are offered in 8 week blocks throughout the year. 

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