Collaboration is innovation.

World class physiotherapy in the heart of Spring Hill.

Our team has extensive experience working with elite athletes and high-performance teams and bring the same level of care and service to our local community. Our mission is to educate, inform and inspire as many people as possible to take control of their health and get the most out of their body and we’re here to do exactly that, for you.
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World class treatment, right here in Spring Hill.
No matter your age, injury, or sporting ability, we are here to help.
Our team of experienced and skilled Sports Physios are here to help you.

Our therapists understand the frustration that comes from missing your goals and not being able to do the things you love. Whether that be getting back to pain-free movement, doing the gardening without the fear of injury, completing the Bridge to Brisbane, or winning an Olympic medal; it matters.

We are proud to work with many Olympic and emerging athletes locally and internationally. Spring Hill and residents should get the same excellence in care from their local physiotherapist. Everybody and every injury deserves the best care.
Our approach

Individual, high quality, evidenced-based, physiotherapy.

No more guesswork.

Understanding your goals and making sure we develop a plan to get you there is a foundation of our success. We’ll help you get out of pain and provide exercise advice and a roadmap to recovery, using industry leading technology to establish outcome measures and monitor your improvement.

With our philosophy, staff, facilities, (and parking!); no other Sports Physio clinic in Spring Hill offers the suite of services you will find at The Health Collab. Come and see how good Physiotherapy can be!

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Our Sports Physios take the time to listen to your story and work with you to create a plan that gets you back to your physical best. We pride ourselves on getting you out of pain quickly and showing you not only how to stay out of pain, but how to build a robust and resilient body.

How can we help ? Our Services.


Suffering from stubborn acute or chronic pain that just won’t go away? For stubborn conditions, implementing western acupuncture can often provide great long-term relief. Ask your physiotherapist if acupuncture is suitable for your condition.

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Injury assessment and rehab

Injury rehabilitation is an important step in the process of healing from injury. Physiotherapy rehabilitation focuses on physical therapy and specific exercises to address injured areas, restore function and improve mobility after surgery or other trauma. This typically leads to decreased pain levels as well greater improvements in function and more successful long-term outcomes.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can work alongside your physiotherapy treatment to improve the function of the body’s soft tissues. Our massage therapists offer remedial therapy tailored to your individual needs.

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There are no hot packs or ultrasound machines to be found in this practice. Our physio sessions are built around the individual. Highly skilled assessment and treatment is paired with education, easy to understand self-treatment techniques and prevention strategies.

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Sports Physiotherapy

Looking for a Sports Physiotherapist? The Health Collab caters for many different types of clients, but if you have an injury that was sustained during team sports or need to rehabilitate to get back out on the field, The Health Collab is your go-to Sports Physiotherapist.

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Relax and unwind, great for beginners as you stretch through basic poses and move up toward strong stretch and power poses.

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Our Expertise

Our Physiotherapists are all qualified Sports Physios with deep knowledge and experience locally and internationally. With the below specialisations, we’ve diagnosed, treated and rehabilitated just about every injury you can think of.


Need a running physiotherapist? At The Health Collab we understand running injuries and we have a highly experienced sports & running physiotherapist, James Thompson on the team.

Have you had a running injury recently? If you have, that’s quite normal.

In fact every year approximately 50% of runners are affected by injury and that number doesn’t seem to be improving, despite better universal understanding of all things running. There is plenty of information readily available to all runners, but how this information is interpreted for your individual physical characteristics can vary.


Clinic director, Tom Barton is a highly sought-after specialist swimming physiotherapist.

Working successfully with swimmers requires a deep understanding of this unique and challenging sport, which can only be achieved from clinical experience, time on pool deck, and working with the best coaches, sports scientists and physiologists in the sport.

When you are looking for a specialist swimming physiotherapist, experience counts. Tom has worked with more successful members of the Australian Swim team than any other Australian Physiotherapist over the last 2 Olympic games (Rio and Toyko). Having spent over 20 hours a week for the past 10 years working with swimmers of all levels, you can be confident that you are working with a specialist swimming physio.

Team Sports

At The Health Collab, we go beyond working with individuals, and our sports physiotherapy expertise can also help coaches and trainers to develop injury prevention programs for their teams.

This may include identifying areas where the team may be at risk of injury, such as poor conditioning or improper technique, and providing guidance on how to address these issues.


Are you a dancer who strives to be the best in Brisbane, or just love a little weekend cha-cha-cha?

Whatever your level, you can take your dancing to new heights and move better than before with The Health Collab’s dedicated dance physiotherapy.

Why choose us?

Close attention is paid to your personal goals and desired outcomes. We have a unique systematised process and perform a thorough body scan to identify any contributing factors that may be related to your condition. Working closely with your other healthcare providers and doctors, we’ll develop a holistic treatment plan designed to get the results you seek.

We Listen
Our consultations are 1 on 1. We devote our time to listen to you.

We Understand
We ask specific questions.This helps us understand your goals.

The Results
Experience physio like no other.
Premium physio = superior results.

We treat

All musculoskeletal injuries
Sporting injuries
Low back and neck pain
Shoulder injuries
Knee injuries
Pre and post-surgical rehab
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