Strength Training

Once you step foot in The Health Collab our philosophy becomes evident.

We created a space to move, a space to be challenged and a space to explore new or old exercises in safety.  We want you to achieve your goals.  Most often those are to get out of pain and get back to doing what we love most.  If that requires physiotherapy appointments, yoga classes, group strength classes or personalised strength programming and coaching - we have you covered.

We know getting you back to your goals may require a combination of strength, mobility, balance and coordination improvements.  Our facility and our team are perfectly situated to provide that environment and guidance toward your goals.

Other Services
Dry Needling
Injury assessment and rehab
Massage Therapy
Sports Physiotherapy

We had a choice when designing the clinic. We could have crammed in 10 more physio tables, kept clients on the treatment table for weeks and created reliance with a purely hands-on approach - perhaps you've seen this model before?

Research guides our decisions.  When people are able to build strength, capacity and endurance in a task they are less likely to experience pain.  Building self efficacy and movement capacity and options are key pillars in our strength training and rehabilitation plans at The Health Collab.