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Making the best Physiotherapy accessible to all of Brisbane.
The Health Collab was founded in 2015 by Sports Physiotherapist and Yoga teacher, Tom Barton. The Health Collab was formed to provide a holistic and best-in-class Physiotherapy solution for Brisbane. Physiotherapy has come a long way in the last 10 years - you won't find any ultrasound machines or hot packs here!

High quality Physiotherapy care for Brisbane, to us, means that we are making patient-centred treatment that is the best evidence-based practice possible, accessible to everyone.

All of our physiotherapists are Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) Titled and frequently participate in ongoing professional development courses both locally and abroad to stay at the top of their gam with the latest evidence in managing musculoskeletal conditions. This wealth of knowledge will then be shared with you so with every appointment you can become an expert in your own body.

Our evidence-based treatment philosophies generally lead to the prescription of exercise as a long-term solution to injury, with the use of manual therapy such as massage, mobilisation, dry needling and taping used as short-term options for effective pain relief. Education is also a key to our client’s success, including self-treatment techniques and prevention strategies which put the control back into your hands.
Leading Sports Physiotherapy in Spring Hill.
Our location reflects our specialties, being situated in the same complex as Centenary Pool, along the path of the Brisbane CBD running tracks and a stones throw away from sports training centres such as Downey Park, Victoria Sports fields. It also provides a central location, with plenty of parking, so you can benefit from the best physio treatment wherever you live in Brisbane.

Valued amongst our community is our strong network with other Brisbane Physiotherapists & health professionals within Brisbane City and beyond. Not only do we have a high performing network of doctors, specialists, and allied health professionals that we can refer you to, we can also communicate with your specific health care team to make sure that we’re all working together for you.

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