Injury assessment and rehab

Injury Assessment at The Health Collab.

Pinpointing your pain, with all the room for rehab.

At the Health Collab, a thorough assessment of your injury is the first step we take to understand your needs and develop a treatment plan tailored to your injury, lifestyle, and recovery goals. 

The practical application of evidence-based practice means that you will not find any hot packs or ultrasound machines in our clinic. Long gone are the days where a physiotherapist applies a TENS machine and leaves you in a room for 30 minutes while they see other patients. 

Our 1-hour initial appointments allow the necessary time for our APA Title Physiotherapist to put that Masters Degree to use to talk through your issue, complete a thorough assessment and develop an individualised treatment plan based on your specific assessment findings and goals.

A thorough patient interview is the MOST important part of this appointment. This will allow your physio to make a preliminary diagnosis and get the full picture of your history, symptoms, and goals. 

This appointment is your opportunity to get an expert diagnosis, treatment and advice to help you feel and move better. Plus, you'll get the answer to the most frequently asked question - when can I get back to activities like sport and work?

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What to expect from your Injury Assessment

Your injury assessment will take place in our Spring Hill Physiotherapy Clinic, in a private treatment room. You will be advised of what to bring along with you when you book your appointment, and please come wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to move naturally, so we can monitor how your body moves. 

We will go through a number of items with you to better understand your current injury and any prior or contributing conditions.

Patient Interview: Your physiotherapist will begin by conducting a thorough interview with you to gather information about your injury or condition, including the history of the problem, how the injury occurred, your symptoms, and any previous treatments that have been tried.

We will also review any scans and/or previous medical history provided by your referring doctor, as well as learning about your lifestyle, work, and other activities you partake in. 

Physical Examination: Your physiotherapist will then conduct a physical examination to assess your condition. This may include observing your posture, range of motion, strength, and flexibility. The therapist may also perform specialised tests to evaluate specific joint or muscle function, movement patterns and clinically relevant and specific anatomical tests depending on your injury.

Diagnosis: After the examination, your physiotherapist will use the information gathered during the interview and examination to make a diagnosis. They will identify the specific injury or condition, and will explain the diagnosis to you thoroughly, using clear and simple terms.

Treatment Planning: Treatment can take the form of strengthening exercises, mobilisations, manipulations, soft tissue massage, dry needling, advice and education, taping or anything else you might need. After a diagnosis has been made, your physiotherapist will develop a holistic treatment plan tailored to your specific recovery needs and goals. 

Your individual plan may include one or a combination of therapies, including physiotherapy (or sports physiotherapy), acupuncture, massage, rehab exercises, and yoga. 

Treatment: This is where we’ll put your treatment plan into action. Your therapist will work closely with you to ensure that you understand the treatment plan and can perform the exercises and other therapies correctly, which may involve a series of in-clinic treatments and self-guided exercises.

Re-evaluation: We will schedule regular follow-up appointments to re-evaluate your condition, monitor progress, and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan.

Our approach to your rehab.

We’ve designed our clinic to ensure that we are able to take people through their entire rehab journey. From injury and diagnosis, through to rehab and return to sport and achieving goals.  

Our approach to rehab, and in fact, everything we offer at The Health Collab is to give you all the room you need to get your body functioning again. We intentionally choose to keep treatment rooms to a minimum (no crammed, little cubicle treatment rooms here) so you have space to move, access to a full Olympic weight lifting gym, treadmill, bike and SkiErg. 

In addition to our amazing space, our practice has a range of high-tech assessment and management tools to keep the guess-work out of your improvements and assist you in your rehabilitation success.

These include the use of VALD Forcedecks to measure strength and jump performance, access to advanced rehabilitation technology such as blood flow restriction cuffs, and prescription of exercise programs through online applications such as VALD Telehab so that you never have to just remember your exercises again!

Whatever your goals are, we have designed the clinic to be able to test and guide you the entire journey.