Have an injured child or teenager? At The Health Collab we understand that children and adolescents are not just mini adults and we have a highly experienced sports physiotherapist, Vanessa Alvaro on the team who understands the unique needs of individuals who are still growing and developing.

Teen / Adolescent Physiotherapist

Children and adolescents are not mini adults when it comes to musculoskeletal injuries. Due to the unique stage of life which they are transitioning through, the injuries they can develop require a tailored management approach. Consideration must be given to their biological, physical and psychological age; rate of growth and maturation, training schedules and sporting goals, as well as external stressors. Management often requires a collaborative approach involving the family, coach and other support staff. Regular communication is important to ensure that the child or adolescent feels that their needs are being met.

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Sports Physiotherapist, Vanessa Alvaro has a passion for working with children and adolescents, and extensive experience providing care to this age group across numerous sporting disciplines and settings, from domestic to international competitions. Some of her areas of speciality include:


- Swimming instructor of 12+ years

- QAS Swimming Hub practitioner

- Musculoskeletal swimming screenings


- Personal involvement for 20+ years

- Running gait analysis

- Event coverage at State and National events


- Travelled with U21’s Australian Rowing Team

- Ongoing work with schoolgirl/boy rowing squads

- Presenter with Allies for Women in Rowing

- Regular presentations on topics such as recovery, strength and conditioning, mobility and training loads

- Musculoskeletal rowing screenings

Vanessa's experience also includes:


- Contractor to Tennis Australia (Pro Tours, Junior ITF’s, Nationals)

- Musculoskeletal tennis screenings


- U17 & U19 male and female team travel to domestic and international events

- Presentations on topics including recovery, mobility, strength and conditioning


- U16 & U19 male and female team travel to National events

Field sports

- Asia Pacific Youth Touch Championships

- Secondary school team sports coverage

- Travel with teams to National and International events

So if you want your child or adolescent to receive a thorough and tailored assessment, treatment and management plan, do not hesitate to book in to see Vanessa. She has a caring and compassionate nature which will make you feel at ease and confident that your child or adolescent will get back to the things they enjoy.

Additionally, our clinic has close associations with Fitter Futures (specialising in youth strength and conditioning), sports physicians, sports psychology and nutrition, so you can be assured that your child or adolescent is receiving a holistic approach to their therapy.

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